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You can put your trust in This Is It Shops dotcom LLC. We provide personal service and exceptional quality at all of our This Is It Shops Stores. All of our services and products are guaranteed - HAPPY CUSTOMERS ARE OUR PRIMARY CONCERN. We have been in business for countless years and take care of our customers.

When you complete an order here in our Gadget Shop, you are redirected to PayPal Checkout for your credit card information.  This is the only time you will be asked to provide your credit card information.

PayPal Secure

This Is It Shops does not obtain your credit card information for your safety and security. Our Nik Nak Nook website uses Pay Pal for your safety and security.  If you receive an email requesting this information, do not respond with your information. You only have to submit this information on our secure site at the time you complete an order through PayPal.   PayPal uses the most current SSL encryption for all information you submit during checkout and all transactions are completed over a secured connection.  Only you and PayPal can access any information exchanged over that connection.  This Is It Shops cares about your safety and security while shopping online, which is why we have chosen Pay Pal for our payment gateway for the Nik Nak Nook. 

Your information is solely and exclusively used to complete and ship your order, to contact you to resolve or advise of any concerns with the order, and to contact you via e-mail if we need to ensure that your order was handled properly. Only those people who need to see your information to fulfill your order have access to your name and address information, and DO NOT have access to your credit card information.  This Is It LLC® does not, under any circumstances, share, sell, or otherwise make available any information about yourself, your location, your purchase, your purchasing habits or purchasing history, your e-mail address, your credit card, or any other information collected during your business transaction with us to any third party, with the exclusion of information required to complete your order with our warehouse(s), which is limited to your shipping address.  You may contact us for further information.


About the Owner

This Is It Shops dotcom LLC is a family owned and operated e-commerce business  originally established in 1981 as a flea market operation (and family owned and run since) to provide now 3000+ consumer electronics products for consumers at each of our online This Is It Shops Stores.  Keeping in mind that online shopping can be a very impersonal experience for the consumer, This Is It Shops strives to offer its consumers interactive e-tail stores with various ways for the consumer to contact a “real person” to handle questions or concerns while still providing a safe and secure "e-tailing" experience on each of our websites.  This indicates our company’s policy of placing the consumer first and foremost; after all, the consumer is the foundation for any business and our commitment is to put you, the consumer, first. 

   This Is It Shops appears on most of the major search engines and we sell on as well.  We have  20+ years of experience in mail order, import and export, and internet marketing of digital consumer electronic items; plus we are online shoppers ourselves.  Our Main Offices are in Michigan (USA), we have office in Canada, plus we have distribution/fulfillment centers in several states including CA, AZ, OK, TX, and MI, and we also import consumer electronics items DIRECT from China.  That way we can offer YOU thousands of products and services to choose from on our ecommerce websites.  And, if there is something you want but you don't see it on any of our websites, contact us and we'll try to find it for you.  That's our level of commitment to customer satisfaction!!!

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If you have a comment or a problem, keep us informed by using our email link below; we will reply to your concern in 1-2 business days. LLC
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